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From an sae paper l'm currently reading:

Tuning: characterised by increased volumetric efficiency...but decreased bsfc.

Anti-tuning: characterised by decreased VE...but reduced bsfc.

Also, fuel consumption is proportionately correlated with pumping work.

I was considering disconnecting half of my engine valves, and in consideration of this info, i would double my pumping loss and potentially increase VE - hurting fuel consumption.

Late intake valve closing does wonders for efficiency - the toyota 2.5L is 37% thermally efficient - and gives the turbo lag feel. It seems that a large engine with the performance of a small one may be better than a small engine with the performance of a larger engine. Fwiw downsizing more than 30% hurts transient response, and turbo engines aren't as fuel efficient as they're marketed.
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