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Originally Posted by 2000neon View Post
That is a very good point, and thanks again! I am adding all employment and dates, but not going to go into detail about what it involved. Working on a farm, plowing snow, landscaping, and making pizzas don't exactly help with being a physician assistant.

It does show reliability I suppose, I wouldn't have been kept at the farm for 6 years if I was afraid to work.
Precisely, if the employer wants more information he can just ask. Once I had been ticketed for 80 in a 55 zone. I spent a good deal of time writing about all of thecircumstances of my offense and handed the paper to the judge. He told me he was not going to read it, that I had to tell him what happend, but he kept the paper I had written. When I finished my explanation which was a potential case of road rage on the part of another driver that I was trying to get away from he dismissed the charge (reckless with 5 points and a $500 fine) as long as I completed a driver improvement school, which I did and scored perfectly.
When the cop teaching the improvement class told me I should just sit there and let a driver plow into my arse at a traffic light instead of trying to get out of his way as I had done at least 6 times before, I told him I would try to avoid the accident, even if it meant breaking the law, and let the judge sort it out in court. No law requires me to accept a potentailly deadly collision at risk of life and limb, just as no law requires me to become the victim of a criminal act.


PS I think working on a farm is one of the best character building scenarios any future employer could hope for in a new hire.
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