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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
You said the puddle was under the car. If the heater core was bad it would leak and reek of coolant in the car.

The bottom line is, did the bypass fix anything?
Last Friday she drove me five miles and said that she would wait in her car until it cooled down. Today she drove me nine without heat problems, so it fixed that issue.

Now, her original complaint was the heater, which should now do something set to "vent," but obviously that was just a symptom.

Could the core simply be blocked without leaking?

I keep seeing things saying to run the engine and check the hoses, but it is too late for that, since they bypassed the core.

I do not know how bad her CV joints were before. Had I cranked the wheel and not heard noise, I would have replaced the boots and grease.

I asked her to check, but I think that they told her that she needs to replace her lower ball joint, but they did not make a big deal out of it.

However, "WARNING: If a ball joint fails, the suspension can collapse causing a loss of control. So don't put off having a bad set of joints replaced." []My mechanic says my car needs ball joints.... — Yahoo! Autos

We definitely heard noises this morning.
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