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40-60-40 MPH P&G
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Echo-P&G - '05 Toyota Echo base
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this is a update with picture and some pic of old projects

this is my cabine heater

those are my oil pan and trans heaters

this is my water pump setup with the 4 diodes and a small mirror to see the water pump controler lights with just moving my head

this is my battery charger and my alt belt because I dont use my alt on small commute

this is my new project, a ajustable grill block

Best Tank (1557.2 Km): 2.57 LHK (91.63 MPG (US) )
Best Highway Trip (~36.8 Km): 2.16 LHK (109 MPG (US) )
Best Commute Trip avg (73.8 Km ): 2.33 LHK (101 MPG (US) )
Echo-Troll Modding Thread

I know i dont have a very good write-up
no lean-burn? no good gear ratio? p&g is the answer
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