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Well all I can say is please for the love of Christ do not buy from Ross Randrup (Velo Verde).

I ordered my battery and what I received... well you decide.

The battery came in a E bike kit box.... packaging included pieces of broken up Styrofoam, bubble wrap and blue painters tape... No original boxes, no instructions, no original packaging.

The battery itself had scuffs on the side and bottom. The only sticker on it had adhesive residue all around it.

The battery was taped up with black tape to hide where the shrink wrap split. There were several scuffs on the side and bottom.

There was no OEM sticker on it, nothing to tell me brand, age, or any other information. All it had was homemade labels...

The connector contacts looked heavily used. There is pitting, burn marks and scuffing from plugging and unplugging a load. It is not evident of one single test but prolonged use.

The charger I received also had wear and no original packaging.

When I emailed the guy he told me the batteries were "tested" on ebikes prior to sale...I have an issue with this... new should mean not used. It is one thing to test the battery under load. I do that at my job. It is another thing to install the new battery on an ebike and use it until you deem testing done. How do I know how much "testing" was done? How do I know how old this battery is? He also admits to removing the original stickers and taping over the packaging splits. He said the scuffs were because he buys batteries in bulk and the adhesive residue is because it's a Chinese sticker.

I was told I had to return the battery at my own expense. Shipping would not be paid for. I believe I am a victim of bait and switch. Do not buy from this guy. I have been fighting this all week and ended up disputing the charge on my card.

I was stupid and should have just purchased a Ping battery... Obviously project BEV has ground to a halt until I can get everything sorted out. Hope this information helps someone out.

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