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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
I don't really disagree with most of this, and I've learned about load following plants Maybe come back to some of this later, I have a pile of ironing to do

Next month in the UK we are losing 10% of our capacity because of the fear of CO2. Some older coal plants are being closed - at the same time China is adding them at a rate of one a week to one a month and burning dirty coal compared to our cleaner version.

That leaves us with only 5% of spare capacity which is not enough to ensure the lights stay on. And still no fracking although we are sitting on a giant pile of it and using it has helped reduce the US CO2 output quite a bit, if thats your priority.

At the same time apparently wind speed in the whole of Europe is under 20 MPH which means that renewables (wind) miracle is actually consuming power to keep the turbines turning, otherwise they sieze up. 0.02% of capacity came from wind last night.

Not going to bridge that gap is it ?

If there is anything positive about lights going out then it might wake up a lot of the electorate to the dangers of the current energy policy, after all the main parties (who all support this madness) took a major beating last week...

BBC News - Eastleigh by-election: Lib Dems hold on despite UKIP surge
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