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Dont feel bad, I didnt know if it was the 12 or 13 that had the lifepo4 battery.

Do you have a cvt or stick? The engine does the fuel cut thing all the time you are not pressing the throttle, but auto stop is bit of a mystery. It depends on a few factors. To ensure it will not engage you can use the defroster setting on the HVAC, sport mode or if its a stick shift keep the car in gear vs shifting to nutral. I have a feeling you got a stick shift model and you go backwards throug the gears like i do and keep it in first at lights.

The Insight, at least the first batch does auto stop at 7mph. You can see the rpm drop to zero and the auto stop light start blinking while you coast to a stop. The cvt crz I test drove spun the engine with the IMA system udner 12 mph. It had a different feel to it.

I test drove both and didnt feel either was much of a sport. I managed almsot 40 mpg on the stick on my test drive and 18 mpg on the cvt.
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