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Modeling compound curvature

Originally Posted by Shortie771 View Post
Wow, great work! I wish I had that kind of skill with 3D imaging. I tried making a kammback for my Del Sol on Google Sketchup and I couldnt get the thing to work out at all. I couldnt figure out how to connect the kammback to the existing car model and I couldnt figure out why no matter what I did I couldnt make my kammback not have some tiny gap in it. I could keep making the gap smaller and smaller but I couldnt get it to completely close.

I finally gave up on it, but I would have really loved to finish that so I could run the model through a simulated wind tunnel.
Thanks. I banged my head a lot trying to make SketchUp extrude a 3D profile. Compound curvature is a real PITA. I ended up working with wire frames and carefully setting the number of arc segments. That basically gave me a well enough defined mesh to manually connect triangular patches. For me a bonus was prep for construction. The cross ribs were already defined so I could make bulkheads. (After losing my shop fabrication was suspended.)
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