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Yeah no crazy crawling here either, just beach runs and occasional trail or mud hole.

I'v got the new toyo at2's they fit my needs so far and i cant imagine them having any crazy amount of rolling resistance. I was actually looking at getting the fire stones, but the toyos were a steal.

Different Efans, mounting styles, and wiring can effect how well the swap will affect your mpg increase. For instance a fan that pulls less amps when running will put less of a strain on the alternator rendering more mpg. having a integrated temp switch helped me achieve the max mpg gain out of my jeep because the fan would only kick on when it had to (not when i assumed it needed to) like in the city,or on the trail. Making sure the fan has a proper sealed shroud covering the ENTIRE radiator helps to reduce the amount of time the fan has to run to cool the engine, thus less strain on the alternator, more mpg.
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