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Thumbs up Accurate way to estimate EV range?

I finally got all my new deep cycle, lead acid batteries (13, 12-volt, 156 volt system) for my Solectria Force.

I'm trying to get an idea on range once the batteries are broken in. Original specs on the car say 70 miles, and I'm pretty sure it didn't have 114 Amp Hour batteries (like it does now) when it was new.

However, online range estimators are only saying about 45 miles roughly. The car is very light and only uses 140 watt hours per mile at 35 MPH and 200 watt hours at 45 MPH.

Any thoughts? Does anyone know of a very accurate way to approximate range so I don't damage the new batteries? Just curious, it might be a trial and error thing til I figure it out.

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