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Thanks MetroMPG for the input. I should have explained in more detail as I'm not exactly guessing. I've taken the 12.8 volts, which is a full charge per battery, and multiplied it by 13 batteries for 167 volts at full charge. I did the same for an 80% discharge (the max recommended) for roughly 160 volts. I then made up a digital fuel gauge to hang from my rear view mirror, so to speak, with voltages at full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4. I'm using my digital multimeter to determine state of charge when I'm stopped and all lights, accessories, etc. are turned off. This is the most accurate way I could think of to monitor battery capacity. I only wondered if there's a better way (that doesn't cost a small fortune) or if my method is pretty good.
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