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Wink HUB motors anyone?

Looked into Hub motors for a hybrid drive.
Ive realize I dont have enough information to design a good set up.
These look to be the future of ev and hybrid drives to me but...
Try to bear with me here sorry if it even becomes part unicorn but it seems feasible to me.
Hub motors provide good torque, regen, and all for fair price because electric scooters are popular in the east.
Well the bad side so far is that thier rated for 500 pounds max carry.
Again there may be other issues Im unaware of yet!
But on a Pontiac Fiero 2m4 base car the engine is in back already.
They call it Mid engine but more to rear from what I remembered.
I dont believe Swapping the 2.5 4cyl for a 500cc electric start aircooled motorcycle engine would shed enough weight to get 475 pounds per side front.
Especially after adding 2-3 batteries to the build and controllers etc.
I would like to retain 10 gal. fuel if possible too.
Set Hub motors to cruise control buttons perhaps?.
ICE to pedal with 3/4 WOT electric link to hub drive for activation during heavy accel with 4wd??
This build may belong in the corral till later in the future but ya gotta admit; it is a cool concept.

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