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My case, JBD mpguino

I found the autocad file for the box before buying to make sure it would all fit and then I was able to take measurements and add everything on the autocad file. Then I printed it out, laid it over the box perfectly, and simply cut it out. I knew, this way, it would all be perfectly aligned and guaranteed to fit. I used a 52mm or 2-1/16" hole saw for the 52mm gauges. There is an oil pressure gauge and a vacuum gauge. The other two holes were cut with a dremel (wish I had a mill, but could not locate find a friend that had one) and then then filed a little to square up. I had it all taped so the paint on the box would not get scratched.

Overall, I am very pleased with how it will turn out. It will mount in my 92 Vx underneath the stereo with an angle outward so it can easily be seen. It does not interfere with the shifter at all and will use existing screw holes in the dash.

The back of the box has a cover (the box is all aluminum). It will have a connector in either the side or back so that I can easily remove the box from the car if I want.

The lock switch/hole is there because I have manual doors and have all of the components to make them electric and needed a nice place to mount the switch and I did not want to hack up my door panels for one switch.

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