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LOL there was a company here in the Netherlands that even put a Smart turbodiesel in an offroad motorbike. I believe they shipped the majority to the US and Canada before going bust.

But still, to me it would be a shame to convert such a nice EV to some fuelburner, whatever the type. IMHO it would still be nicest if the batterypack could be used to house batteries and a BMS again. If the rest of the car is still good to go, of course. Those batteries look like you could fit standard batteries in as well...

PS for Cobb: 2002 Audi Audi A2 1.2 TDI "3L" Gas Mileage (A2 3L) -
No boattails or any big mod, best tank 104 mpg

Think about it: why do those big rigs run on diesel?

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