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Sounds like we need to meet somewhere. You ever pass through VA? i 95 passes through Richmond.

Ive been to lake Aerial, PA and the business I use to work for 7 years ago had one in Pottstown.

I purrchased the kit from Jack himself. I started with a 2 kilowatt kit from a tax return that I was on the fence about getting a Fit turbo kit. I had been in touch with Jack for a year. He offered a 90 day warranty, so I bit.

I was very impressed and found I limited my trips to 2 hours waiting for the batteries to recharge between trips. I immediately upgraded to 4 kilowatts. The kit uses 48 volts and the converter is a push-pull type.

I thought about going to 6 kilowatts later on, but he changed batteries and setups. 8 kilowatts uses 2 bms and has its own unique set of problems.

It paid for itself in 17 months and cost me 2495 in all. I have been saving up for a second converter to allow more extended ev use, but discovered this past October they went out of business inthe US. You can still get kits from Eric Powers at Green Drive Expo and a few other guys online that have the remaining US stock.

I just dont know enough about electronics to do anything myself. Maybe in a few days I can try hooking a bridge diode to an inverter and if the output is between 117 and 120 volts DC. Then try it on the leads to the IMA pack once I test it on a regular filiment glass light bulb to ensure the output is ok.

Another idea since the real force lifepo4 cells in the kit is made up of 24 volts 80 amps each box hooked in series. Each box has like 32 20 amp cells. Ive been thinking about just hooking them in series 32 or 33 or so to supplement the IMA charge and use my grid charger or make one from mean well led power supplies that are stackable as a charge for it.

Do I dare tell you about grid charging or balancing your pack?

If you dont mind sharing your email with me by pm, Ill pass it to the one and only enginer crz owner I know in TN if you would like to talk to him. He has a stick crz.
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