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Thanks sendler Corrosion X has helped preserve Mongo the ebike throughout this Maine winter, it's defo good stuff but there are some minor problems w/it in relation to the taddy build currently, namely it leaves a residue that's hard to remove (as it's s'posed to ofc) - which would make it even more difficult to clean & prep the chassis for the final paint. As it stands the taddy's paint is patchwork at best w/missing spots (late additions & welding), the "plan" is to scuff & squirt wherever there's bare metal to get through the road testing phase, then next winter strip the whole thing down to powder coat. I'd like to say I'd do it later this summer, but I suspect there's very little chance of pulling it off the road once I'm riding it lol

HHOTDI - interesting, I didn't know that taddy was up for sale again lol - but if you check this vid (35sec in): Bumble Bee it looks as if they simply used grade 8 bolts welded in place to act as spindles (not unheard of) for what's most likely sealed bearing moped hubs, they could very well be motorcycle wheels as said but they look a little small (diameter), not that it matters as either would be fine, though obv I prefer disc brakes & weight reduction heh

Using an ATV front end & suspension (dual A arm is a must for higher speeds) is defo the way to go, saving you much heartache & grief particularly in the suspension geometry (math) aspect but also in the spindle/brake mount assemblies, though usually they use a tapered spindle whereas you'll need change it to a straight shaft for sealed bearings. Just remember to adjust the caster/camber, Ackermann compensation & toe in to account for your altered wheelbase... which is far easier than it sounds, this primer I found to be quite useful (pg11 on):
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