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Originally Posted by Topdawg_135 View Post
I don't know if the Si's rack would work but I've been thinking about swapping the 03-05 hybrid rack into mine. I don't think it would be all that hard to do but I would make sure that you have the correct EPS controller for the rack. I hear that there is a difference in those with VINs thru 159 and after 160.

If you do any EOC though I would just go with a manual rack. Unless someone has figured out a way to stop that nasty 15 second delay that some of the guys on here have experienced.
I thought about a manual rack, but for now its fine. The power steering will really be for others in my family.

Last night on my way home my heater crapped out on me. I've been having some problems with cheap relays and it appears that the heater did not turn off for a few minutes when the heater valve was partially closed. There was also a bit of air in the line which caused the element to burn out in the minute or two when the relay failed to turn off.

So I've taken this opportunity to upgrade it from a 1500 watt unit to a 2000 watt unit to gain more heat. This time I will make sure the system is filled and bled, and I will be replacing a few relays.
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