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Yeah, I just dont know anyone in to electronics other than those who do stereo and sub woofer installations. Heck, I dont even know a friend of a friend who does alarm installations. I thought I had someone whos father was an electronics expert, but his wife passed and he stopped all work and kind of disconnected himself from everyone. He was going to see about improving the Enginer converter if not go to a PWM. Ive attempted to make a project PWM or voltage regulator, however they go up in smoke fairly fast. I am of the opinion the max rating is just that, not the limit of the circuit. So if I hook a big load to it it wont govern itself, thats something I have to do with a right sized load. I need a circuit that will govern itself regardless of the load.

the enginer converters are rated at 3500 then 5000 watts and suffer from thermal issues when pushed to half that limit.

Ill see if in the next few days I can fool with the inverter I have and parts. I was laid off a few weeks ago, so my days are spent online applying for jobs and registering with countless employers and uploading my resume all day.
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