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Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
I would still gear up 10-15%. You will be surprised how your bike will still do up the hills - just a gear down from what you are used to.


Also, practice your EOCing - it's actually quite easy on a bike:
When coasting, pull the clutch, turn the kill switch off, wait till the engine has stopped, then turn the kill switch on (right away to avoid an awkward moment when you need to accelerate again). Keep the clutch pulled and stay in gear. If you come to stop, gear down as you slow down for the stop, all with engine off. Start the engine with the starter if accelerating from a stop or slow speed, or bump start it if accelerating from a faster speed, say 15 mph or higher.
We'll gear up our GV250 by one tooth on the front sprocket, to try how the FE changes.

Also, bump start is quite easy and smooth on a GV250. On my 650cc single cylinder BMW I just can't make it smooth no matter how hard I try. So I use the starter instead.

About battery drainage: I never had problems with EOCing in the summer (with the F650, not the GV250 - but my girlfriend does EOC the GV250 too ). At winter, though, I could drain the battery. Using heated gloves doesn't help either...
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