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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Have you driven one of these before?

Regen is cool, eh? (Can you tell I really like regen? It's awesome to not have to throw away all that energy when slowing down.)
I have driven them a few times. Regen is nice because we have a lot of hills and stop and go traffic, but you really can't coast without a very trained foot.

I've spent the past few days with the NiMH batteries. They are Cobasys 9500 series cells, which is the Ovonics before all the patent things went down in the 90's. These suckers have just been sitting for so long that they were at 0v, but I've gotten life back into them. I have 11 packs, each with 11 cells and some are missing jumpers but I can fix that. So far 6 packs are taking charge, I just need to find a good way to cycle them. Maybe I'll get a CellPro6.
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