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Originally Posted by johnathanf1lm View Post
Only prob is the it bogs and sometimes stalls out(rarely) at 5-6000ish rpm but then is fine after that (last owner was an idiot and tried making it go faster and louder and never properly stored and serviced the bike so its prob gummed up a tad)
Getting held up at ~5500 for a short while is a common problem with the older, carb'd model, not a peculiar whim of your bike - but stalling must be (if I understand correctly).

You can avoid this by accelerating through 5500 in 3rd. No joking here, it always helps with Ciliegia (our GV250), that 'hole' only shows in higher gears. Revving a bit when accelerating briskly doesn't really hurt FE, you're at the best part of the bike's BSFC. Then you can shift into 5th immediately when you're at the speed you aim for (because unnecessary revving with low load at cruising is the bad thing).

Anyway, it's not a big problem if you can't EOC on your commute. You still can glide simply with the clutch in downhills, that 250cc V2 won't eat too much at idle. And, of course, anytime when you want to slow down. Engine brake may be beneficial when you have to moderate your speed on steep downhills, but is just a waste of fuel when you have plenty of space to slow down (it uses [actual rpm / idle rpm] times more fuel than engine on coasting, and infinite times more than engine off coasting while converting precious momentum into heat at the same time).
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