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Originally Posted by momorris View Post
I have chipped my 1.4 hdi. The box has 2 maps. 1 for economy and 1 for power. The box plugs in series into the fuel rail pressure signal. I know that it is simply increasing fuel pressure earlier than standard but it does work. The car used to be flat above 3000 but it continues pulling now. The economy part simply comes from the fact that I can now use 4th where I would previously have to be in 3rd. Lower speeds but higher gear without labouring the engine.
You are describing the typical fuel saving when increasing torque in low power to mass ratio vehicles. But I think that you are fooling the ECU and it is not good if you want your engine last hundred thousand of milles.

Explain more details of the make/model power before/after, etc.
Black smoke, differences between ECO map and power (inside the box there is any programmable chip? are you sure? map means matrix and math calculation to be done ). Box often is the same as "Evry Mod" some cheap resistors and electronic components. This usually adds a fixed resistance to the correct signal.
I thing its not possible doing any "maps" who transform Voltage input signal in Voltage output signal without anymore input. It usually "2 maps" means "2 button that switch between two impedances"

If you have a 1.4 HDI of around 70 bhp ( like this, you will be happy with really power/economy improvement if you remap your ECU to 90 bhp Upsolute 1.4 HDI remap. You will get around +28% torque that will allow increase gears because yours gearbox step a -20% max force between nth and nth+1 gear ratio.

But if your car has high mileage or some engine wear, first you need to do before remap in order to save fuel is:
- Compression Test: you must obtain above 22 bar (around 25 to 30 when new, i dont have the reapir manual of your engine but I assessed a quick calculation to obtain it).
- Data log air flow vs rpm from MAF at full throttle from idle or data log Intake pressure vs rpm, you will need OBDII interface and a notebook. It is easy on VW engines.

Compression test will say you if your engine is worn, and you will get lots of black smoke, chaos and self destruction.
Testing volumetric efficiency will prevent you to blow your turbo, and lots of black smoke also if your engine doesn't breath enough and near to specified values.

If your engine is new or in good condition you will get also black smoke (ECU rempa adds around 10% more air but 30% more fuel, so lean diesel burn become near stoichometric) but will pass MOT emission. Ask someone to follow your car when full throttle and look for black smoke or Lots of Balck Smoke of Biohazard dead ones you have with your mod.

More info about ECO unfriendly Evry mod:



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