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I had written a large post but lost it so here is a quicker reply.

The box does increase torque, allowing me to use the better gear. The economy map does not increase above standard rail pressure but probably increases the pressure sooner hence the reason I can use the gears better but the car still loses it at top end of the rev range. The power setting increases above stock which is why it pulls for much further. It has a processor chip inside it and is more than just a resistor ( I had a look).

I decided to get a box after a friend reported better mpg and how it made the car more drive able. After running mine I would certainly do it again. I don't get black smoke from my box but my friend did when he tried the max power setting so he turned it down.

The 90 bhp limit on the 1.4 is mainly due to EGT shooting up with any boost increase. You can push it further with an inter cooler.
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