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Thanks for sharing this.
I have read reports like this before, but I fear they are biased.
What, for instance, makes that the electric car is so energy consuming to make? Not the engine, that's way easier to make. Electronics, then? That would be the BMS boards and some extra computing components. Don't think that tips the scale. The batteries, obviously? Hard to say, so many types. One thing is sure: they will be recycled.

Sure, the electricity has to be produced somehow and if that' s done by burning fossil fuel of any kind that means CO2 is being produced. But power plants are usually around or above 50% effective in generating electricity while the gas burning engine cannot get even half that. Some of the electricity gets lost in transport, conversion and battery storage, but I bet that is way less than half.

But, gas needs to be produced too. It needs to be pumped out of the ground, shipped, refined, shipped again, redistributed, chemically tweaked to the right octane level and doped with all sorts of additives.
The science magazine NWT ( Nature, Science, Technology, aimed at university graduates and the like) estimated that it takes 3 times as much energy to produce gas than can be derived from it.

So there you go. Even if producing electricity produces CO2, producing gas is way more polluting even before it gets burned in the engine.
That's no dirty little secret; it is the elephant in the room mr. Lomborg failed to notice.
Why does he miss that? He is just an unbiased observer, right? All electricity is produced from coal, right? No bias, yeah. Maybe he missed that elephant because it blinded his eyes with a nice paycheck, or vouchers for free gas for life?
Nobody pays me for writing this of course.
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