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We are now getting less than 40% of our electricity from coal, and it is going down every year.

Mr. Lomborg is hardly unbiased, so unless he backs up claims (like how an electric car supposedly takes more carbon to build), then he's just talkin'.

Gasoline takes electricity to produce; from discovery of the oil, to drilling to extracting, and transport, storage and/or pipeline pumping, refinement, and even pumping it into your tank - and all that electricity and it's carbon footprint have to be counted in the gasoline. Also, there is a lot of natural gas and a lot of water used to extract oil and to refine it, and the entire energy overhead for the natural gas and water uses electricity, and that has to get added, as well.

The most important point is that electricity *can* come from renewable sources, and over time more and more of it is coming from renewable resources. So, oil gets dirtier and dirtier over time (sour crude and tar sands bitumen and deep water drilling and fracking) - electricity will get cleaner and cleaner over time.
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