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Originally Posted by nateshuntsvegas View Post
This is great, this is exactly what I have been thinking of making for a long time. I have a 2000 Nissan frontier and its a 4 cylinder so not much power, also even so called light weight fiberglass campers are upwards of 2000lbs. Do you mind if I asked a few more details on the construction process? Did you use stringers or anything else to reinforce the foam or is it just fiberglass and foam? How many layers of fiberglass did you do inside and out? How much fiberglass and resin did this project take? Do you have any video of the process? Do you have more pictures of this project? I saw more on your other post but had more to do about aerodynamics than actual construction.
I know what you mean about heavy campers.

Don't have a video but questions are no problem. Camper is still not done but I still work on it when I have time.

There is no stringers . I made all the panels on a large flat table made from used hollow core doors joined with biscuits(no glue). The table is important since all the panels index off the table if you want a camber in the panels or if you just want a flat panel. I used formular 300 foam from Home Depot which is 30lbs/sq inch crush strength.This seems to be enough with 2 layers of 6 oz cloth when weave is filled the microbaloons/cabisol on the outside. Inside just 2 layers of cloth.

I used duct tape for clamps and Gorilla Glue for gluing the panels together.
Attachment 12673

I let in hardwood blocks into the foam before glassing for attachments points for jacks , ladder , table ,tiedowns etc.

I will have used about 10 gal of epoxy and about 1600 sq. ft of fiberglass cloth(400 sq ft of panel area x 4 layers total ) and probably 3 or 4 gallons of microballons and 1 gal of cabosil for filler and gap filling glue.

Bare shell comes in at under 400 lbs. with windows
Fun project but big in more ways than one.

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