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Trust me you don't want an electric water pump. They are about 10x less reliable. A few seconds without them and you have a toaster.

They work for drag racing but for they do not operate proportional to the the engine speed or power. Just droll along.

I had one on a V8 Fiero and it worked until you really got on it for 30 seconds then the temps came up. Had a terminal fall off the relay and oops I look down and the temp gauge is pegged.

Go for it if you want to re-invent the wheel.

Probably the biggest draw on a more modern car is the computer system and ignition system. Brake lights are on what 5% of the time headlights yeah you have to have them. Starter, use what 2400 watts for 5 seconds. That is not a big deal.

Looking for economy from electricity get an old school diesel.
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