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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
Yah... about that...
Sounds like this "NWT" is a fiction magazine...
First, wildly unsupportable suppositions hiding as "facts," then "messenger attacking." Yah, you're really unbiased...
Hey, I never said I was unbiased Nobody's paying me, I'm a fool in my own right. I won't go electric even though I hardly ever drive more that 100 miles a day.

But I strongly disagree about the claim that it takes just one barrel to produce twenty. That's not taking the effort in account to build the installations that get the oil out, fly in the personnel, etc.
Here on the North Sea there are several known oil deposits, but some won't get exploited because the oil price is just too low right now. It is too costly even at current oil prices. It wouldn't be if it took just 1 barrel for 20.

Maths are nice, but you can get any numbers depending on what you count in or out. The NWT's sources had done a full involvement (or whatever it translates to) study, including all activities needed to make the process possible and their support structure. You need to build a refinery, operate it, build roads, supply chains, etc.

Sorry that you don't like NWT's conclusions. I assure you they do a scientifical approach. But I recite from memory. Maybe, I give you that, they meant that it takes 3 times as much power to produce gas than can derived from it by the cars engine meaning that the chemical energy in gas is still somewhat higher than the energy wasted in production.
But even if they meant that it still derails the dirty little secret argument. It is just not true.
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