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Being an off-highway/off-pavement driver I often lament the absence of tall narrow tires for rough terrain. There are a couple 33x9.50x15" models out there that perform fantastically (that's a flotation size, it would be like 240/90R15 in metric) - and the closest I can find to fit my own 4wd vehicle is 235/85R16, still not bad in tall skinnies. Off pavement, a tall sidewall and skinny tread presents much less resistance in soft soil/sand/mud and about the same loft at low speeds. They're not popular since most 4x4's are used to show off and look tough, and the common perception is that wide tires = more traction. Wide tires do protect the vehicle body a bit more off-highway, and somewhat widen the line a vehicle can drive on extreme terrain - won't see skinnies on a rock-crawler any time soon. For a vehicle taken camping and on long distance treks where all forms of terrain are expected, refueling stations are far apart and adrenaline isn't on the menu, tall skinnies are the ticket. Less air drag on the highway, too... fuel isn't free and 4wd's tend to expose a lot of tire to the air, fore and aft.

I wouldn't mind at all if tall skinnies became the next trend and widely available.
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