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And apparently, to the rest.

The question has got me thinking, though, and I'm looking for data regarding it. Very hard to find data for mixed tire sizes of the same type. I was aware that for different tires, the contact patch size will change due to differences in construction and tread softness/hardness... but I'm wondering if the pressure/weight correlation is more constant for tires made to the same specifications in different sizes.

It's been fun looking, but the best documents I can find are hidden in the DOT databases and my browser is having a devil of a time downloading them.

Also found some interesting data on how wider rims might not just stiffen sidewalls, providing better performance, but also fundamentally change the shape of the tire, changing the contact patch itself.

Flo Cycling Blog: FLO Cyling - The Contact Patch... Why Wider is Better

Research for research's sake is fun.

Again, though... I wonder if Bridgestone will be releasing wheels to go with those tires, and if we can get them in other sizes, too.

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