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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Cd: I'd never seen that UC Davis aero Taurus before - thanks for posting!
I would have posted it before but I assumed everyone was familiar with the car.

Much to my surprise ( and discouragement ) the car only got down to like .27 .Cd despite a complete redesign of the front end, a full belly pan, camera mirrors ,side skirts, and a partially 'Kammed' tail end.

This was after a ton of work on the car.
As we have seen, .27 is an easy number to achieve. ( I'm thinking of AndrewJ here )

They must have done something wrong somewhere, because I can't imagine that car as having a .27 ish .Cd

Did you happen to read the .pdf ?

One thing that I found interesting was the idea of using a hollow cavity to pull in the wake.

One more thing : The UCDavis team is amazing. Professor Any Frank has been building hybrids for decades.
He is also a really nice guy too. I remember talking to him by phone.
Just imagine - a small group of kids in a mechanical engineering class have been doing for years what the 'big three' have always said can't be done.
I'm proud of what they have accomplished.

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