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The BMS is in intensive testing on a real car, the user has converted the car to 180Ah CALB cell. We encountered some EMI problem but solved now. This car is old, 1996, and EMI wasn't a priority at this epoch !! Thus the embedded charger is very very noisy and the BMS slave communication was perturbated on slave having a long cable from the previous slave. But now with a small capacitor on the slave input everything work well.

You can find some photos and charge/discharge curve on this forum topic : Connexion

For availability, I already launched a 100 slave board preserie, and now I wait the quotation for a 500 slave board serie.

But before selling I need to redesign the master board, actually there are not enough inputs / outputs for my taste !!
And internal relays are not usable directly (no enough admissible current), I want to remove them and add another inputs/outputs for future use.

But one thing is sure, when everything will be finished it will really the perfect BMS
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