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Hi nlc,

glad to hear the project is still on track.

I would be really interested in using your system, even as a test rig if you needed further testers.
My cells are real force pouch cells, 20ah capacity, arranged 4 cells in parallel giving 1 cell at 80ah output, and there are 16 of these giving a 48 volt dc battery rated at 4kwh.
The cells are managed by a bms that is not very good, with no balancing function.

I currently balance myself manually with a hobby charger, this works really well to be honest as the pack is petty well balanced and cells are well matched.

I had been looking into an Arduino project to manage the system, but yours looks to be a system worthy fitting.

Additionally to my original bms (enginer PHEV ver 3.3) i also use cell logger 8s with relays to cut off charge voltage at cell 3.6 volts instead of my bms set at 3.8 volts.

Hopefully you can report back soon with a final design system and some idea to cost to give us members an opprtunity to buy and try out your system.

Many thanks, Anthony.
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