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rear view cameras / screens / focal length

I have reeplaced the masive barn door like mirrors on my motorhome, with two cameras and two 15" lcd tvs.

one problem i am experiencing is the constant change in focus from infinate (looking forward) to short (looking at screen 2 feet away)

In a large vehicle (this thing is 33 feet long), especially in our UK smaller and more congested roads, it is necessary to look at the rear view every coupel of seconds - all the time - a bit less on motorways (interstates?)

I have thought about getting some sort of lens to make the screens look like they are further away (focally) without reducing their 'size'

almost like those 'fresnel' lenses you see for reversing - but a proper lens not a load of lines...

any ideas?

didnt know where to ask...

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