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Cut the tracker a break... They need the high gearing because they are shaped like a wet shoebox turned sideways.

I have a 4WD 16 valve 1995 tracker. Coming off the freeway letting off the throttle in 5th I can out engine brake the best of em. With an ancient drive train and a body like a melting ice cube gearing lower will just make you spend more time in 4th. The 16 valve Suzuki engine loves to hum along at 3k RPM and will do it all day long. On a flat the MPGuino still reads between 35 and 40MPG.

My commute is notorious for getting the low end of the fuel economy scale. I have to travel steep hills with the other side having poorly timed red lights and or stop signs. The freeway section is a very long up hill followed by a very long slight downhill. I travel up hill in the morning when it is cold... I could make up for it going back down but the hills are much too steep to coast so the extra fuel turns to brake dust and brake rotor wear.

If I can get 30MPG from a tracker... anyone can.

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