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Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
So I put a magnet in my beer last night.
A-B-A testing conditions:
-8 pm, indoors, low ambient lighting.
-No wind, 70F.
-Bluray movie: Skyfall (James Bond, 2012).

Results: absolutely no change in taste, color, and "mileage". I still had to grab a second beer once the first [magnetized] beer was finished.

Conclusion: finally! We can shut this thread down.
yes,no more magnets,motors that run without batteries,you think they would all have learned by now,nothing is free.The best we can hope for is fusion power and to make all the products that we do use,ultra efficient.We need that Apollo drive again,to build ultra efficient vehicles 100-200 plus miles per gallon,USA /1-2 liter's per 100 Km.I see no reason we can't do it,gas,diesel,natural gas,steam,solar,electric,batteries,wind,water etc
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