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Originally Posted by CaliHxLB View Post
thanks 96-civic-ex, I had seen that scangauge does that and it makes it easier to know when lean burn should be able to activate. I also read that scanguage reads 00000 when lean burn is activated. Does amyone know what the newest version of mpguino is or the best version?
I should have been more clear,... as it stands it is only an MPG gauge, but as razor pointed out it is an open source device which means anyone can program whatever they want from it,... but with only the two signals I mentioned all you can really get is mpg. You'd have to start tapping into other signals to get that info.

The scan gauge 2 will give you most obd2 port info, but lean burn is not one of them(at least not directly. Monitoring the O2 sensor output should give you an idea of it staying lean, but doesnt really tell you you are in lean burn. Oh and I've read the gauges that connect to the OBD2 port are not accurate when it comes to mpg during lean burn,... the mpguino is better for that.

What I would suggest is getting an mpguino for accurate mpgs during lean burn, and an ultragauge (like a scan gauge but much cheaper) for all other info.
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