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hey smart ass. I used YOUR values. you said the $9500 versa might cost $3000 to make.

1/3 whats 1/3 of 14,000. yep. keep it up.

people seem to be under a delusion that EV's are expensive.

they are not. they are just over priced or use expensive battery tech.

an EV will always be cheaper in COST than an equivalent gas car. because ITS SIMPLER WITH LESS PARTS. a whole amazingly large magnitude of LESS PARTS.

more of its cost is in "solid state" parts instead of hand made labor intensive parts just like all other SOLID STATE stuff it ONLY gets cheaper unless manipulated.

I have a stick of ram on my desk. 2gig. 2048mb. this stick was worth the "equivalent" of $80,000 just 15 years ago.

my first string of LED christmas lights had 35 led's and cost me $40

I now have strings of 100 warm white led's (more expensive) that goes me $5 just 5 years later.

solid state is always cheaper. almost ALL of the labor intensive parts of a car are thrown away in electric cars and replace by low labor solid state parts.

this is why GM killed it.
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