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Efficient Shipping

Reading through this thread:
Wal-Mart Aero Mods

Whilst started back in 2009, and other random topics of trains and train/trailer hualing added-in the mix.
I got a random idea more centralized and more "Local" if you will modes or alternative type of vehicles to use for transportaion of certain goods...

Take for example a
School bus, now this obviously was built for pure passenger transport. Maybe not the greatest of accomidations, but it gets the job done.
To note, I still have not yet heard, seen or smelled one running off recycled cooking oils...

This baffles me, when we already have
City buses, that run off of recycled cooking oils. That kind of smelly smell of french fries and fish is unmistakable. Now, this Brick body type is made for special accomidations such as Rider comfort, option to sit/stand and also for handicapped/disabled individuals = low platform...

But aren't "school buses" just as capable? IF not, they can be, very easily, and cheaply at that.
Which brings the thought. Why are school buses not shaped the same way as City buses or vise-versa? More-so, whay are school buses so difficult to get in-out, in the first place? Wouldn't it make more sense to make them more similar to a city bus platform but with the continued objective of max passenger count...
(I'm certainly aware that more lower "Brick" looking school buses are being made)

Has anyone ever noticed that city buses regardless of seat capacity along some routes NEVER have even half the amount of occupants inside them at any given time?!
I mean, a 40+ occupancy, only always has like 2-5ppl along a given route.

I've also even talked to a bus company about what type of engines they have in service. Have gathered that the diesel' in the large buses are the SAME exact model as the smaller passenger buses based on my information... Why would a smaller bus need more power for its given load?!

Also, the Estimations of fuel economy are very ranged as well.
I believe nation estimations were
City Wide Buses get anywhere from 4-6mpg, avg. 10.5mph(other source)
Tour Buses get between 9-11mpg, avg. 55mph(random guess)
School Bus gets 7-12mpg, avg. 17mph(other source)
Semi Trucks(loaded) are anywhere 4-7mpg, avg. 55mph(random guess)

Now what im really getting into, is that:
Wouldn't one think that utilizing a Small transport Van/bus for known low demand bus routes, School buses for a City bus needs, using a City bus (engine under floor layout), as a "Fixed" Cargo Box truck, or even for Smallish OTR regional shipments. I mean hell, its basically a shipping container with wheels... you could even do Tandem load. Maybe utilizing the power of the large bus engines would increase efficiency/productivity?
Leave the 26,000lb+ heavy and Oversized loads to the Big rigs obviously...
Based on Random information found here : Fuel efficiency modes of transportation

Be somewhat of a good change overall?

Has anyone ever used recycled cooking oil for their Big Rig for lighter loads, or would it even be a viable option??

food for thought

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