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Neil, I like your go-get'em style. Any plans for the wipers or mirrors? There is some intrigue in your idea for the structural storage undertray. I am looking at a tray for my truck but hadn't thought about that.

Originally Posted by pawilkes View Post
I didn't see much improvement on my grill block but that could be for many reasons. One questions I have is this, is it better to block the upper grill or lower grill? I have a Subaru Outback with the lower grill blocked and the upper grill open. I chose to do the lower one cause it was a bigger opening but it may be at the stagnant point anyhow so the blocking the upper grill may be better for smoothing flow over the hood. any thoughts?
On an Outback Sport I didn't get any noticeable mpg difference with the lower grill blocked, but it also didn't hurt the cooling. Haven't tried the upper. I figure any air was going under the car instead of through the grill and under. With an undertray it may make a bigger difference. Try tucking in your mirrors.
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