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Saturn SW2 Gauge Pod

I wanted a gauge pod that didn't "obstruct" my view so I decided to make my own out of scrap material I had around.

This Is how I made my gauge pod for my Saturn SW2 A pillar:

Turning scrap ABS tube on lathe to outside diameter of the gauge:

Drilled Holes for roughing outline of pillar

Dremel to fit:

Aline gap between gauges protrusions with hole: (this was finished)

Constantly checking fit on Pillar

Repeat Dremeling to fit again if needed.

Front of gauge:

(square thing is camera reflection)

What should have happened next:
Cut hole for passing vacuum line and light wires in A pillar
Glue pod to pillar with amazing goop marine/rv/automotive/plumber/any really. (needs to be a glue that is flexible enough to fix plastics)
Attach wires to dimmer circuit so they could be removed somewhat easily
attach vacuum line to manifold (somewhere close to the intake runners is preferable)
Reinstall trim in car

Tip for using dremel: When changing bits, loosen threaded collar then push bit further into the tool then pull it out. Made my tool change time go from about 15s to about 3s.

And other gauge pods I made turned:


: Brothers
: Dad's
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