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Yes, I'm thinking on how to best deflect air up over the wipers -- and I can put a "scoop" on the air intake for the interior vent intake, so I get better air flow w/o using the fan. See it in the upper left center:

And yes, I would love to try some video cameras and inside LCD screens for the side view mirrors (a la Aptera), or add some fairing to the existing mirrors. A clear plastic "pyramid" on the trailing side (so I can still see through it); and/or a leading face cone, would let me keep the existing mirrors intact. But if video cameras can work in the dark and in low visibility situations (fog, snow), then I think that is the better way to go. I doubt that their electrical use is very significant -- certainly much less than the stereo, and way more than enough to offset the aero gains.

They already make backup cameras -- what company will make side view cameras with some 7-9 inch LCD screens?

And yes, I would love to be able to have a body shop weld in a new floor to the hatch area -- the spare and jack could be put lower down and the volume of the storage would about double AND the aerodynamics of the rear would be greatly improved. I might have to wait until my 100K warranty expires before I attempt anything like this, though.
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