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Originally Posted by razor02097 View Post
In my experience older autos seems to do better if you apply enough throttle for brisk acceleration then let off at the appropriate speed to lock up the converter then keeping a steady throttle to keep the converter locked. So what you say is correct.
I need to be more specific, I meant that I've tried accelerating very slowly to the speed limit or just under it (Which worked pretty well in some cases, IMO but perhaps that's due to not P&Ging most efficiently yet) and that I've also tried mashing the pedal to the floor to try P&Ging. But, I don't always do the latter one and I certainly exceeded the best operating engine load when mashing the pedal; I haven't yet learned a more fuel-effieient P&G method. Thanks for mentioning that about the converters in older cars, Though.

Was I straying off-topic?


When I was accelerating I was scarcely holding the pedal down. The HPR gauge would read at 6-7ish or so when I wasn't holding the pedal down and I only pressed it down enough to go to about 8 HPR and that would not exceed 20 on the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). When the throttle isn't held down at all it's at 16.

- Austin

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