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Originally Posted by pete c View Post
City buses and schol buses are two different animals. City buses must acomodate folks of all shapes and sizes, including handicapped. School buses largely acomodate able bodied children and do not allow standees, by law. I think we may see EV school buses soon. They generally don't need long range or high speeds and they stop and go a lot. Perfect for EVs. The only drawback is they must be heavy as they are built to amazing crash standards. School buses are absolute tanks.

School buses are made to acomodate various types of people too(including handicapped) and have been for a very long time. Older City buses had the same bench type seating the school buses still have today.

What would really be the difference between, say, a (kid/adult) stand-up riding in a city bus and stand-up riding in a school bus. Isn't the inherent "potential" danger the same? Even with or without influence of law... What logic did they use?
Assuming that Both types of buses meet the same Safety Crash requirements? but still...

Wouldn't it just be simplier/cheaper to design/build one base type of bus utilizing 1 particularly efficient mode of propultion. Rather than having two diff types that accomplish the same task (People carrier in this case) and one be less efficient, but it being a more used asset(city bus), instead of the more potentially efficient one?
Obviously, an EV bus small or large would be ideal, but seeing as this might not happen within the next decade? or so, why not improve ontop of whats already available...

Like i was mentioning, as local Cargo route trucks, from like local distribution centers to companies requiring specific loads, etc. you know kinda like UPS/Fedex delivery trucks, but with a bigger payload capacity. This would also mean more driving work as salary/hourly paid positions, rather than mileage paid drivers that would otherwise fail. Considering a Bus (loaded) compareble to an (ungodly common) box truck might just be more fuel efficient with accepted payloads.
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