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I did some math with using current fuel prices (Today @ $4.05/gal for diesel and $3.67 for gas)

I figured I'll be traveling roughly 280 miles per month just to commute to school and work and back. All of my calculations are based off of 320 miles of traveling per month.

I found that at 20mpg with diesel I'd be spending $64.8~month, using about 16 gallons of fuel.
(64.8/16=$4.05 and 16gal*20mpg=320mi)

With Gasoline I Figured 15mpg and I figured I'd be spending $78.29~month, using about 21.3 gallons of gas.
(78.29/21.33=$3.67 and 21.33gal*15mpg=319.95mi (The numbers don't add up because of the repeating decimals.)

So I'm only saving $13.49/mo and $161.88 per year, and obviously this number will be changing because of gas prices. Do gas and diesel prices often go up with each other? I'd like to see what happens when gas hits $4 and what diesel gets to.

Right now whatever I decided to buy depends on the price difference between a diesel or gas truck, and personal preference.
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