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There are lots of mods you can do to the 5.7L TBI motor found in post '87 gas Blazers. If you decide to go gas, at least get one new enough for fuel injection. I think they went to using an overdrive trans in 1985 or so, so there are a few years where you could get a gas powered, carb'd one with an overdrive, but get something newer than that if you can. That era 350s are not powerhouses (my '86 Vette, which was the top of the heap, first year for factory aluminum cylinder heads, etc etc for that time only makes 235 hp or so, where as my mom's '92 5.0L Mustang with nothing but a factory roller cam and some better tech makes the same with 48 less cubic inches lol). Throttle body spacer, high flow cat, and a K&N filter are your friends with a TBI engine. But I would still go with a 6.2L diesel.
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