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Defo skyl4rk, you'd think after four years of all season riding in Maine, I'd have figured that out by now... but nooooo, every winter I find myself relearning the same lessons again lol

While I've been all healed up for awhile now (turns out I'd fractured the radius in my left forearm...gettin' old I guess), I didn't bother fixing Mongo's rack supports, they're just a bit bent & I figured if I fixed them, I'd prolly just bash 'em again, but so far so good *crosses fingers*

Once used to the sneaky torque of an electric, this ebike has turned out to be my best, most reliable commuter ever - since I built the thing (roughly 4500 very hard miles ago) all I've needed to do is lube the chain & cables, fix one flat & repair the thumb throttle, which busted only due to my carelessness (yea, I dropped the bike parking it on squishy ground)... none of that is really a failure on it's part.

As a result & despite some naysayers ("geez -you can't ebike in winter!") I've learned that an electric with essentially it's one moving part is by far more trustworthy than anything else I've tried, subject to both cold & caustic conditions it jus' keeps gettin' me where I need to go with nary a complaint & best yet, no needy begging for ongoing maintenance, no costs of upkeep, no costs at all for that matter heh - leaving me finally free to tinker other things

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