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Originally Posted by Slow_s10 View Post
What an awesome project. I just read through the whole thing and I am quite impressed. It really makes me wish I lived colser to where I work because I could definitely see myself commuting on an e-bike. Do you plan on doing anything else with the bike or are you just happy with it? Also what ever happened to the tadpole?
Thanks Slow, naw I can't think of anything I'd really wanna change or add on the ebike 'cept get my blasted summer tires back on it ofc lol, this 'un seems to have turned out just right the first time... ofc basic hub motor bikes like this really aren't much of a project, it's truly just a "bolt n'go" in most cases.

In contrast, yea I'm still slowly tinkerin' away on the taddy - I did sneak it out for a quick test run (or two... mebbe three... ok, so all day then), if you'd like there's some babble about it here;

Originally Posted by skyking View Post
Glad to hear you are on the mend.
I have given more thought to the wheelchair ideas. I may build a 3 wheel single rear drive trike that he can back his existing chair into. Not going to be as light or convenient, but I can optimize it for travel, and build in a lift system to lift his chair up for decent ground clearance. I am not at all comfortable with two e-motors and only differential power for steering at any high speed. Things happen too fast
Yea, that seems like a good plan - not only for safety but simplicity & ease of use. Twin electric motors would help with both acceleration & terrain, but at the cost of ...well cost, but also range & added complexity. There's also the fact that given the relative simplicity of electrics, it's always something that could be added on later *shrug* I think in this case the chassis is prolly the most important bit
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