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This past Thursday I took my EV on a whooping round trip of 39.6 miles for a job interview! I used heat for 22.6 of those miles and it was some of the hilliest roads I've ever been on!

I ended up putting 15.41 KWh back into the pack. Assuming my charger is 92% efficient, I had an overall efficiency of 358 Wh/Mi from the batteries. That gives me a 58 mile range in the winter when driving 45 MPH and under with hills.

I really want to improve that. I know my heater is knocking off some range, but I also think my tire pressure is too low and I am really wondering if my back being lower than the front is having a massive effect on it. I wasn't also to install my Skunk2 lowering springs on the cheap struts so I think some compatible struts in the front will be in order.

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