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Originally Posted by wmjinman View Post
I bought an '85 S-15 Jimmy 2-door (the GMC version of the S-10 Blazer) brand new back in '85, and LOVED it. Drove it almost every day for 18 years, then gave it to my parents when I got my replacement, my 2000 4-door Jimmy. and it's still running!

It was the 2.8 liter v-6, carbureted, and almost always got 25 MPG highway (without hypermiling). And I've hit 30 on highway trips when I drove slow & hyper-miled. It was a 5 speed 4 wheel drive, with no a/c, and manual crank windows. I'm about 5' 10" and slept in it many, many times. I could stretch out if I slid the passenger's seat foreward.

It wont carry as heavy a load (or trailer) as the full sized Blazer, but will go on narrower trails & have more room in parking spaces!!
An uncle of mine had a 2nd-gen S10 Blazer, a 4-door one, maybe the best "car" he ever had. That was a Brazilian version with the earliest Diesel available for the 2nd-gen Blazer back here. For its size, even the towing capacity was not so bad...
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